This page addresses common issues in dealing with print quality on ALL Makerbot 3D printers. For specific troubleshooting techniques, refer to the troubleshooting page under your specific printer

Mechanical IssuesEdit

The vast majority of major print issues result from mechanical problems from the machine. These issues can be resolved by following some standard procedures.

Corners and small details curling away from build platform during print:Edit

Use Ear Rafts in makerware to hold small edges down. This helps avoid curling in finely detailed areas. Thing 38272

Print not Sticking to Build Platform (or sticking too much):Edit

Build Platform Levelling Techniques

Improving Print Adhesion

Prints fail midway through print at varying pointsEdit

This is generally the result of a problem in driving the filament through the extrusion system. It can result in a blockage or a loss of grip between the drive stepper and the filament. These issues are discussed below.

Clearing nozzles

-edit to discuss gear drive systems

Software IssuesEdit

Holes and hollow areas around small details in print or Hollow thin walls:Edit

-edit to discuss shells and infill

Print pauses unexpectedly during Print over USB connectionEdit

Use the SD Card for printing objects rather than USB. This can eliminate USB/Computer issues causing prints to fail.

Rough, bulging cornersEdit

-edit to discuss cooling fan, flow rates, and heat issues.