Makerbot 3D Printers Wiki

Tools for Use in working with Makerbot Printers

Hand Tools[]

Printing Aids[]

Fine Tweezers

Rubbing Alcohol

Light Olive Oil

Paper Towels

Finishing Prints[]

File Set (both coarse and fine)


Rubbing Alcohol

Acetone (for ABS print smoothing)

Cricut Spatula

Tap Set  (for creating bolt threads)

Heavy Duty Razor Blades (print removal and cleaning)

Machine Setup/Maintenance[]

1/2"x8" Paper strip or .1mm Feeler Gauge

Tramming Gauge (Platform Leveling)

Metric Allen (Hex) Wrenches

M7 Box Wrench (nozzle removal)

M10 Box Wrench (Extruder Disassembly)

Power Tools[]

Dremel Rotary Tool, for drilling or filing holes and edges

Blow Torch (for nozzle Cleaning)


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